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About ICME


The International Centre for Montessori Education (ICME) is owned by the “Al Riyadi Educational Centre for Modern Teaching Methods”. ICME was originally founded by Randa Amin Hasan and Lesley Britton-Joffick, founder of the London Montessori Centre. The Alriyadi Educational Centre provides Montessori school franchising opportunities from nursery to senior school, based on the very successful model Modern Montessori School in Amman, Jordan. It also offers a well-researched, up-to-date Montessori teacher training courses (face to face and online) with tutor-guided, practical training in accredited colleges and schools using the ICME Curriculum and Syllabus.

The complete ICME Portfolio can be downloaded here.


ICME Board Members:

  Randa Amin Al-Hasan (Biography and Personal Vision)

  Nourhan Zehnie (Biography)