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ICME Accreditation


ICME offers accreditation to existing Montessori schools who wish to become part of the Montessori community.

ICME Accreditation applies a consultative approach which encourages development of higher standards and a programme of self-improvement. Full support is given to the Montessori school by the On-site consultant.

The accreditation process is designed to protect Montessori schools by increasing public understanding of what a true Montessori education offers. The process is also designed to promote team-building among the staff by involving them in creating goals for self-improvement, planning and evaluation.

The benefits include:

  • Accreditation process, self-study and on-site evaluation
  • Consultant advice
  • Recognition Certificate
  • Listing on the ICME Accreditation Schedule
  • Resources procurement (materials, publications, etc.)
  • Assistance with staffing
  • Membership of the Montessori community
  • Notification of Regional Conferences
  • Initial and in-service training programmes at discounted prices
  • Assistance with curriculum planning and design to meet local requirements
  • Lectures and seminars for parents at discounted prices
  • Opportunity for exchange programmes
  • Opportunity to tackle diverse global issues (environmental, cultural, scientific, ethical etc.) through initiating inter-school projects