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Montessori Resource Materials


The Montessori Syllabus CD can be copied for educational purposes The permission does not extend to making copies for use outside the purchasing institution.

Complete Reading, Writing Materials and Syllabus Workbooks, covering Sensorial, Language and Mathematics, are available in English and Arabic.


Sensorial Workbooks:


  • Lines and Directions.
  • Size & Weight (Pink Tower, Broad Stairs, Knobbed Cylinders, Knobless Cylinders)
  • Colours (Colour Boxes 1,2,3)
  • Shapes /2ds and 3ds (Geometric Cabinet, Constructive Triangles, Geometrical Solids and Tessellation)
  • Directions, Positions, Opposites, Patterns, Similarities and Differences.

Arabic Workbooks Include:

The Alphabet, Inset for Design, Form of Letters, Initial Sounds, Middle Sounds, Last Sounds, long Vowels, Short Vowels and Vowel Signs, Three Letter Phonic Words (Pink Level), Longer Phonic Words (Blue &Green Level), Word Lists, Sentences and Early Grammar (Names, Adjectives, Verbs and Prepositions) The Montessori Farm.

English Workbooks include:

The Alphabet (Small Letters), Initial Sounds, Last Sounds, Middle Sounds (Vowels) Three Letter Phonic Words, Phrases, (Pink Level), Capital Letters, Longer Phonic Words; Double Consonant, Digraphs and Phonograms, Word Lists, Sentences (The Blue and Green Levels), Early Grammar (Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions and Adjectives).



Mathematics Workbooks include: (English and Arabic)

  • Zero to 10: Recognition and Writing, Concepts of Before, After, Zero and Odds and Evens. (Long Number Rods, Sand Paper Numerals, Spindle Box and Cards and Counters).
  • 11-19 : Recognition and Writing, Sequencing, Concepts of Before and After. (Seguin Board A)
  • 19-99 : Recognition and Writing, Sequencing, Concepts of Before and After.  (Seguin Board B)
  • The Decimal System: Recognition and Writing, Operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (The Golden Bead Materials).
  • The Operations: (Additions and Subtraction (The Small Number Rods, The Short Beads Stairs, The Strip Board and The Tables A&B).

Arabic First Reading Experience Booklets.

Terminology Cards Sets (Arabic and English) Mammals, Amphibians, Birds, Reptiles and Fish.
Other educational software and materials are available, catering to all Montessori educational needs. Details and prices are available on request.





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