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Online Distance Learning Program

Online Distance Learning
Course Books

Please click on the folders below to read the chapter headings and content in each course book.  Please note that to be able to access the whole course book material, you have to be a registered student. Click here to Register. 


  •  Book 1: "Theory of Education"
  •  Book 2: "Developmental Psychology"
  •  Book 3: "Society, the Adult and the Child "
  •  Book 4.1: "Exercises of Practical Life "
  •  Book 4.2: "Sensorial"
  •  Book 4.3: "Mathematics"
  •  Book 4.3: "Language and Literacy"



  •  Book 4.4: "Cultural Subjects"
  •  Book 5: "Creative Development through the Arts"
  •  Book 6: "Accreditation, Management and Administration "
  •  Distance Learning Student Handbook
  •  Practicum Handbook