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 Franshising Opportunities

Our Programme


Upon the signing of a Franchise Agreement a specialist Project Team is assigned to the Franchisee for the setting up (pre-opening) period and to provide on-going (post-opening and continuing) support thereafter. The following are the main considerations involved:

Market Research

  1. The Project Team will assist the Franchisee in carrying out a market study to ascertain what educational facilities are required in the Franchisee’s allotted territory to help decide what type of provision should be offered:
    • Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 (Pre-school), or
    • Pre-school and Junior School, or
    • Junior through Senior School
    • Teacher Training
    • Trainer Training
  2. The Franchisee will consult with the Project Team as to the optimal location for the Montessori school, considering the population profile, ease of access, security and all other relevant factors.

Government Requirements

The Project Team will assist in the preparation of application documentation for submission to appropriate Government authorities for school registration.

Marketing and Advertising Support

  1. The Project Team will prepare a pre opening marketing campaign and design the requisite publicity materials, including newspaper and magazine advertisements, brochures and flyers for distribution in the community.
  2. National on-going PR and advertising leading to brand name recognition by the target market is a fundamental part of the Franchise package and a major contributor to Franchisee success.

Franchisee Training—Initial and Continuing

There are three phases in Franchisee training:

Phase 1

Initial Training

prior to opening

Phase 2

Pre-Opening Training

two weeks prior to the school opening and two weeks after opening

Phase 3

Post-Opening and Continuing Training


Phase 1 Initial Training



  • The training period will be 20 days, 5 hours per day=100 hours
  • The Franchisee is given lectures for 3 hours per day, the first hour being devoted to the Operations Manual. The remaining two hours per day are spent observing different aspects of the business, e.g. the children’s classrooms, the administration procedures in the Head of Department’s Office, i.e. Kindergarten (KG), Primary, Secondary or International Baccalaureate, or the Accounts Department.


The person in charge of the Initial Training is experienced in all aspects of the business. The training is conducted in the presence of the Field Supervisor who will be responsible for the supervision of the Franchisee’s operations.

The Initial Trainer is familiar with:

  • the philosophy and mission of the company;
  • school management principles and practice;
  • Montessori classroom principles and practice.

Place of

The initial training takes place at the Modern Montessori School in Amman, Jordan, or on franchisee premises.


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Phase 2 Pre-Opening Training (two weeks prior to the school opening and two weeks after the opening, total of four weeks)



  • The training period is 20 days, 5 hours per day = 100 hours
  • The Field Supervisor will work alongside the Franchisee in the setting up of the school, making sure the Montessori environment is in place, helping with promotional talks to parents, working with the teachers to see that the classrooms are ready. (Annex 13)

Once the school opens the Field Supervisor will observe in the classrooms and give advice to the Franchisee and the teachers on how to improve their performance.



The person in charge of the Phase 2 training is the Field Supervisor appointed to the Franchise.


Place of

The Franchisee’s School


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Phase 3 Post-Opening and Continuing Training



  • First year—bi-annual meetings with Franchisees 5 days per week, 5 hours per day = 25 hours.
  • Second year onwards—annual meetings with other Franchisees. Franchisees can request seminars on subjects of specific interest to them.
  • The Franchisees will be given lectures in current issues in education
  • The Franchisees will be given the opportunity to discuss issues relating to their own setting and will be given advice to solve their problems. This may include staffing, equipment, management, relationships with parents.

The Franchisees will be able to exchange and share information with other Franchisees in their area.


Place of

Modern Montessori School in Amman, Jordan, with the Field Supervisors present.


On-going support for the Franchisee

The Franchisor’s commitment and assistance is ensured at the launching of the school by the presence of a dedicated Field Supervisor to support the Franchisee, and to…

  1. Act as a consultant in all aspects of the business
  2. Provide management guidance and relevant experience
  3. Arrange for additional staff training as and when necessary


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