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 Franshising Opportunities

Our Curriculum


The curriculum which has been developed by ICME is the foundation of the high standard of education provided. It sets out attainment targets at each level, following the structure of a well-established international curriculum, providing guidelines for the content of syllabus using Montessori pedagogy.

The rationale for planning the unique Montessori curriculum is based on a set of guidelines formulated by Maria Montessori, some of which are:

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Students engage in active learning.

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A carefully structured environment provides relevant, appropriate and stimulating experiences for the different age groups.

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Students are given freedom, within a structured environment, to choose spontaneously and follow their own interests.

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Learning is integrated across all stages of the curriculum.

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Contents of the curriculum must reflect the studentís own culture.

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Students should be vertically grouped.

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Individual developmental needs of students are met through a flexible Montessori teacher who bases decisions on observation.

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Autonomy, independence and self discipline in the student are developed.

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Sensitive periods of learning must be acknowledged.

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Indirect preparation for later learning is provided through the Montessori didactic materials.

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There is mutual respect in a Montessori setting where students, parents and teachers work together.

Curriculum Offered:

  {short description of image} IB Programme (Grades 11-12)
  {short description of image} Pre-IB Bridge Years (Grade 9-10)
  {short description of image} Lower-Senior Curriculum (Grades 7-8)
  {short description of image} Montessori Junior Curriculum (Grades 1-6)
{short description of image} Montessori KG Curriculum Nursery and KG1&2, Age group 2.5-6 Years

Note: All curricula offered incorporate the Montessori philosophy and also encompass the IBís goals of providing a well-rounded and holistic approach to education.

Franchise Start-up and Continuing fees

A relatively sizeable capital investment is required in this franchise business category and ICME would normally require the Franchisee to be the owner/operator of the franchise. Prior experience is not essential, but a desire and affinity for working with children is a must.


The following options are available:


  • Pre-School (Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2, for children aged 2Ĺ to 6 years)


  • Pre-school and Junior School (K-6)


  • Pre-School through Senior School (K-12)


  • Teacher Training Centre


  • Trainer Training Centre
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The agreed fees are payable up-front upon signature of the Franchise Agreement.
In addition, an annual `Continuing Fee' of 5% of Annual Gross Revenue is payable.
The franchise fees do not include:
  • the cost of classroom furnishings, classroom supplies and other educational materials
  • outdoor recreational equipment
  • ICME Montessori apparatus and materials
  • reading and writing schemes for both languages (English and Arabic)
  • specialised Montessori bilingual subject-related workbooks (mathematics, sensorial and cultural)

The cost of the above will be according to the prices prevailing at that time.

Thus, the total start-up investment required will depend on the size of the school contemplated (i.e. number of classrooms) and location, which a market study should readily determine, plus the cost of building alterations or refurbishments required, should the school be sited in existing premises, in addition to the franchise fee and any other equipment and materials which may be required. An investor considering a purpose-built school is invited to contact ICME for further information which may be to his advantage.

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Franchising Services


Upon the signing of a Franchise Agreement, the franchisor will provide a working plan for the setting up of the establishment, comprising the following services:

Site Selection
  1. If the Franchisee already owns a suitable property, the franchisor will advise on the necessary alterations and refurbishment.
  1. If the franchisee plans to rent or purchase premises, the franchisor will advise on the suitability of the premises, in addition to suggesting any necessary alterations.
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Franchisee Training ó Initial and Continuing



  1. Administrative training
  2. Initial teacher training.
  3. Continuous supervision and on-going training.

Comprehensive Operations Manual

An Operations Manual is provided on a CD. This is a substantial, all-inclusive reference and guide, covering all aspects of ownership, policy, operations and procedures of a Montessori school. It includes the following:




  1. Timetabling.
  2. Pre-opening and post-opening operational procedures.
  3. The Montessori curriculum.
  4. School policies and procedures.
  5. School equipment, computer systems, inventory and supplies.
  6. Administrative procedures and documentations.
  7. Personnel management structure.




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